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Booby Tape, Part 2. Spoiler Alert.... it works!

Well I'm in shock and my friends received a lot of pics of my boobs last night! Probably one too many, delete those ladies! I just can't believe that the Booby Tape worked. Here I am wearing my favorite navy floral wrap dress. I would normally pair this dress with an underwire bra and then additionally layer it with a navy tank or a lacy bralette. As you can see here one breast is natural and one breast is taped! I felt lifted and supported. I wasn't bouncing either! The difference is insane.

(See Part 1 of this blog here)

Here is what you need to know:

1. The fabrication is like an ace bandage with adhesive. You can cut it to any length.

2. Definitely pair with Nipple Covers. Makes the tape much more comfortable.

3. Perfect placement definitely takes practice. I tried position number 5 and 6, but there are lots of options. It takes skill to get the tape flat and smooth, without bumps and creases.

4. If you stretch it too much it will flatten your breasts.

5. It can crumple up and stick to itself like tape, so prepare yourself for some wasted material until you get the hang of it.

For more tips and tricks you can check out their site directly!

Removal: I wore the Booby Tape for 1 hour, but apparently the longer you wear it the stickier it gets! I was able to remove it without pain after an hour, by peeling it off SLOWLY. I imagine after 6 hours (the max recommended time) you need to take their recommendation of using oil or lotion to help. It comes off easier when it's wet. However I'm not worried because it is hypoallergenic – it’s made from a mix of cotton and nylon and the adhesive is acrylic, there’s no latex, zinc oxide or other irritants found in similar tapes.

So that's it ladies, I am a convert! I find myself excited for the spring/summer fashion to experiment with it more! Finally, I found this video super helpful entering into my experiment.

YouTube Taping Video I already reached out to carry Booby Tape in the Fit by Burke Studio!

I'll be such to teach every one of you! 😉



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