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You asked. I answered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Fit by Burke is located at 7 Woodland Ave, Suite 17 in Larchmont NY. Please visit by appointment only. 

Do you sell bras?

I do not sell bras. I am a personal stylist dedicated to intimate apparel. I provide you with the tools you need to make the right buying decisions from the products already available in the market. I am brand agnostic, and this detail makes me unique. I am not interested in pushing product; we will find the bras that work best for you! After a session, some shop using my Fit by Burke Style Guide, others request a curated shopping list, and many women with bustling careers and children prefer I shop for them!  I have a variety of styles in sizes 28-44 A-H in my studio that I use as my fit bras to help determine fit. 

Do you recommend online bra shopping?

It's not a secret that I spent many years working at Bare Necessities. So I'm sure the answer is not surprising to you.  Absolutely!! Online bra shopping offers the best variety in sizes and styles. But the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming, and that's why you need me (wink wink). I shop exclusively online for my clients. Due to the vast difference in how lingerie brands fit, online bra shopping often requires trial and error and some returns. I can help with that. My clients experience a high success rate that they wouldn't be able achieve on their own.

Why should I see you over a lingerie or department store?

Department stores often have dedicated lingerie fitters that can help, however their store inventory is usually lacking in the sizes we need. Some are better than others, of course. Department stores will be able to measure you, but bra fitting is an art and is much more than two measurements. It requires knowledge of many brands, how they run and the body and breast shape of a client. 

Lingerie stores are a good choice, as long as it is a boutique store that carries a variety of brands, styles and sizes.  Many women get forced into sizes due to the inventory that is carried and an associate's sales goals. In the lingerie business we categorize women as Petite, Average, Full-Busted and Full-Figured. Only if you are an average size will you have marginal success in these stores. 

I also offer a certain flexibility, uniqueness and personalized shopping experience these stores just cannot provide. I often see clients in the evenings, at their home, or in my studio. Many of us just don't have the time to shop during business hours, especially for something as hard as bras! 

Will you have to see me naked?

This is a very common question and concern. The answer is absolutely not! The bra fit assessment is in your current bra and then my fit bras. All changing is done behind a screen. My studio is extremely comfortable and private. If you have been traumatized, naked in a dressing room at VS or a department store, those days are behind you! I often find my tween/teen clients appreciate the private nature of the experience the most.   

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