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Laura has over 100 5-Star
Google Reviews

Women are having life-changing experiences. Read below for a small selection of bra fitting reviews directly from my clients.

I came to a personal consultation and it was life-changing! I never knew how much a bra can make such a difference. Laura was knowledgeable, articulate, and kind. I was so impressed, I hired her and her team to do a bra fitting party at my house. All my guests were equally impressed. I highly recommend!

Kristin, West Caldwell NJ

After my pregnancy I noticed nothing fit right anymore including my bras. I also had realized I had no idea what size I was. One weekend with my mom in town we mad an appointment for fittings. First, we learned how a bra should actually fit, then I received a shopping list of bras of try! Laura is so welcoming and knowledgeable. She is also just very kind and a total girl's girl! An evening with her gives you more knowledge than you could ever expect and you will have a blast!

Shannon, Bronx NY

Consult with Laura ASAP. Don't spend another minute in an uncomfortable bra. I've lived a long time accepting that bras are uncomfortable. Laura knows bras and bodies. She will measure and suggest styles for you to try in her studio and then follows up with a list of additional recommends. She will continue to consult with you until you find the right bras and are comfortable and happy.

Peg, Larchmont NY

Laura is amazing. This is a life- changing experience. Feels so great to finally be in the right bra. A must for all!

Liz, Larchmont NY

Great fitting session and personal shopping experience! Life-changing, highly recommend.

Holly, Larchmont NY

I haven’t had a bra fitting in quite a few years. Last week I was very fortunate to have Laura measure me and give me many choices in bra design. Today I wore one of the new and different size she suggested. It was the first time in years that I haven’t been poked, smashed or needed to tug at my bra!! All thanks to Laura!

Donna, Brooklyn NY

Laura opened my eyes to an entirely new bra world. Who knew there are so many wonderful brands that carry well- fitted bras!? Her fit session was no short of life-changing. I am very excited to finally invest in well-fitting bras like I do with clothes! I definitely will be hosting a bra fit party to share the wealth of knowledge.

Amanda, NYC

Thank you so much for fitting me recently. SO helpful and seriously life-changing now I'm in the right size for the first time probably ever!

Claire, Larchmont NY

Just ordered bathing suits that may actually fit properly - for the first time in my life! Thanks Laura, your expertise may mean that I can also finally wear a button down shirt! Thanks!!!

Meghan, Larchmont NY

You changed my life when we figured out my real bra size! I had no idea it wasn't supposed to be painful to put on a bra and I was WAY off on what I thought was appropriate. More importantly you helped me get past the shame of not being able to walk into Macy's and pick up a $10 bra and to see the real importance of fitting who you are and not into what they sell.

Erica, Hoboken NJ

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