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Does Booby Tape really work? Part 1.

It's Tuesday, day 4 of COVID-19 self quarantine, and it's the perfect day for an experiment!

I get a lot of questions from my clients about special occasion bras. Everything from needing a basic (well fitting) strapless to a backless bra, halter bra, deep plunge bra, the list goes on and on! For the Petite and Average ladies, going strapless, backless or even braless😲is an option for a special top for a night out. However not for the rest of us! If you want to indulge is a fashion moment with pretty and special necklines but don’t want your nips to pop out or your breast to feel unsupported, you have to get STICKY.

In the lingerie industry we categorize women as Petite (Small bands, small cups) , Average (32-38 B-D). (These are the sizes that are most found in the stores, hence most women think they are). Then we have Full Busted (38 band or smaller, DD cup or larger) and Full Figured (Starts at a 38 band and cup size DD and up).

Being Full Busted, I have tried MANY reusable Adhesive Bras only to feel like I am peeling my actual skin off when removing them. Trying on these bras time after time make me feel like there's a conspiracy that sticky bras just aren't for me. Of course I have other complaints...

1. Finding an adhesive bra that supports over a D cup is a challenge,

2. Moisture (aka sweat)will make your stick-on bra cups slip.

3. Often silicone cups are made using low-quality silicone and leads to skin rashes and irritation.

4. They don't form well to the natural breast shape and cause lines and bulges.

5. The silicone is heavy and can weigh your boobs down instead of lifting them up.

In comes Booby Tape from Australia, discovered via an Insta advertisement, here is what they claim:

"Booby Tape is the Original Breast Lift Tape designed to lift the breasts in a desirable position underneath clothing and enhance cleavage. The concept is that this magic tape can create cleavage to the breast as well as creating support underneath clothing so that you do not have to wear a bra which will allow the breasts to be lifted which has the same elasticity as your skin. For many years, celebrities have been taping their breasts with the likes of masking tape and duct tape. These tapes are painful to remove and lack the strength of Booby Tape. Booby Tape is designed to be friendly on skin, and has the strength to hold up the heaviest of breasts.The secret with Booby Tape is all in the adhesive! It's formulated to hold the heaviest of breasts with a super strong grip!"

😏🤔🤪 Ok fine. I'm intrigued. The heaviest of breasts? I do not claim to have the heaviest breasts, but my 34DDD's will have to do for this challenge. So let's do this! And no this isn't a sponsored blog, this is for pure entertainment and of course yours.

If this actually works I will definitely add this product to my studio. Will it be as efficient and nice as it seems on the ’gram??

Stay tuned for Part 2. Because obviously I need to wait until after these kids go to bed!



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