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To wear wire or not to wear wire...

The decision is super personal. If you are going without a wire because they "poke" you, that should never happen! Oftentimes discomfort stems from an ill-fitting bra... and with a simple size change you will be a wire loving girl again.

But wire-free bras are amazing for lots of reasons #wirefreefridays. Comfort, sexy peak-a-boo bralette moments, hanging around the house, light work-outs or even long car trips or sleep. Yup, lots of women like to wear a bra while sleeping instead of swinging free!

You may want to have a wire free option in your bra wardrobe. Here is a look into the different wire free styles I pick for my clients for all occasions. Kisses!

Comfortable and Seamless - Wire-Free T-shirt bras:

These are as close as you are going to get to a "real bra", since they offer the traditional hook and eye closure. These are seamless options great for casual T-shirts and are super comfy!


Bralettes are the most common wireless option and very on trend. I find that most of my clients gravitate toward a lined bralette with some structure to help define the breast shape and provide modesty. Pull over head and go!

Peek-a-Boo Bralette moments:

These bralettes are meant to be seen! You can layer these over a T-shirt bra or wear on their own. Wire-free and super sexy, wear them with a wide arm hole tank or under a dress. Cosabella does this the best in all colors and for all bodies, the average, curvy and busty! JLAW rockin it well.

The Light Workout:

Wire-free Sports bras are perfect for low to mid impact activity. But even during more chill exercise lets make sure the girls live in their own cups! Encapsulated cups support each breast individually, so no uni-boob sports bras. Even these low compression sports bras will reduce bounce by 60-70%.

Leisure and Sleep:

Even in the right fit, it's still nice to take your bra off at the end of the day. Camisole tops with built-in bras are a good option, but my true love is Coobie. - Ultra comfortable, supportive, and inexpensive – it’s the perfect combination.

Happy WIRE-FREE FRIDAY! Love you all!

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