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The Best Bra-Sized Sports Bras on Amazon

Updated: May 12, 2020

In need of a new sports bra? Believe it or not Amazon is deep in the intimate apparel game! So if you are an Amazon lover, these styles are quick and easy to grab.

Want to know the secret to a good sports bra? ENCAPSULATION and COMPRESSION. Sounds fancy and technical but it's actually quite simple. Encapsulated cups offer support and separation, one boob per cup ladies. Encapsulation will help each breast stay where its supposed to be. No uni-boob. Did you know our breasts move in a figure-8 formation during workout? Compression will hold and provide bounce reduction. A good sports bra can cut that movement in half or more!

Finally, you will want to try bra-sized sports bras. None of our bodies fit well into the generic buckets of Small, Medium, Large. A bra-sized sports bra will give you a customized fit, just like your favorite bra.

A handful of sports bras combine the above methods into a supportive and comfortable style. I am often asked about my favorite sports bras styles. So here they are and why I love them! Wire free or Underwire? It's your preference!

For my Wire-free work out gals:

Why I love it:

✔ Amazing terry cloth lined cups

✔ High-impact activities

✔ Cushioned Straps

Why I love it:

✔ Reduces bounce by 76%

✔ Racer back Design

✔ Offers ventilation

Why I love it:

✔ Adjustable Back Strap

✔ Front zipper!

✔ Smooth and Seamless

Underwire lovers rejoice:

Why I love it:

The size run is insane! 28-40 B to J!

✔ Lots of fun color and patterns

👏Fan favorite with thousands of reviews

Why I love it:

✔ Offers a J-hook

✔ Spacer material cups make it light and airy

✔ Hook and Eye Closure

Why I love it:

✔ Perfect for Mid Impact Activities

✔ Hidden Underwire

😅Moisture Wicking!

Happy Shopping!


Laura, Founder and Owner of Fit by Burke

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