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Self-care, love, and all that stuff....

I have deemed 2019 my year of self-care. I even made a list and a motto for the first time ever! Ready for it? Put on your judgement-free hat before reading further.

Yup. That's my list. For me self-care is about taking the time to feel good in my skin. Many of us can't accept the person we are right now, and instead think we will like her better when... But the woman you are RIGHT NOW is going to get her there, so let's treat her with kindness!

I lovingly refer to my bra fit studio as the judgement free zone. If you unkind to yourself in my studio I will continue to remind you to speaking kindly about your body and your breasts.

Recently I was reading "Happy Self" by Tracy Fox and it stated that we have roughly 2000 thoughts per hour! Even more significant, 80% of our thoughts are negative. The good news is, if you can recognize a negative or limiting thought, you can consciously choose to change it. Let's be careful how we talk to ourselves because our brains believe it! So why not tell yourself something postive instead? The chemicals produced by the body as a response to a positive thought are more likely to support you in fulfilling your goal. Tell yourself how amazing you are, remind yourself of all you have accomplished, and of all the qualities others admire! Embrace the woman you are today and I'm positive you will love her tomorrow.

Love you all!



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