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Running a marathon in a strapless bra

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Thats what life feels like sometimes, am I right? Running a marathon in a strapless bra. Having two kids and two jobs my days are filled utterly and completely. While I would never actually run a marathon in a strapless bra (or run a marathon at all) sometimes my daily commute to NYC feels like a marathon! There are tons of people and a lot of sweat, I mean its basically identical. And yet I am able to wear a strapless bra comfortably to work all day long. (cut to an image of me SMILING on Metro North!)

LIAR you say? Its true. The truth is I have figured out the formula to make a strapless bra fit, stay up, and be comfortable. It starts with my 5 part method for fitting:

Frame - Bust - Fit - Style - Taste

Each of us has a specific body type and breast shape. Based on that and lots of of practice, I can determine which size/fit, bra styles and brands are best for you. The finally I add taste, that is the "type" of bra you like, as the cherry on top! And then Voila! a perfectly fitting bra. Easy right?

After hundreds of fittings over the years I have narrowed them down to a handful of strapless bras that I work with consistently.

Drumroll please.....

Great for the Average and Full Busted busts who require underwire. There are VERY few unlined strapless bras on the market. The biggest complaint I hear about strapless bras is that the firm foam lined cup adds bulk to to the outfit. I get that, which is why I love this plain stretch lace with no lining. While, the bandeau style is tough for plunging neck lines, its perfect for off the shoulder tops.

Lively has come out with a few very successful strapless bras. Their trick is that they pair a thick ACTIVE-inspired band to a pretty cup. The Smooth Strapless (lined) and and The Lace Strapless (unlined). This brand is great for Average size busts. Use my code below for $10 off.

Ok my Petite ladies, this one is for you. Insanely delicate unlined sheer lace. This band runs small, so size up in the band!

Natori has made beautiful strapless bras for years. The Feathers collection has a cult following and Natori lovers were so happy when they made a strapless version. The plunging shape works for any top or dress neckline.

5. B.Tempt'd by Wacoal Ciao Bella Strapless This one just launched! I love it because of its SIDE closure. Amazing for peek-a-boo moments that are very on trend.

And finally I would be doing you a disservice if I didnt mention this one. While not a personal favorite, it is rated the #1 Strapless bra and has a alot of fans, mainly because of the deep size run and padded underband.

#tipbyburke: When shopping for a strapless make sure the band is snug, so running your own personal marathon days in your strapless will be a bit more tolerable!

Love you all!

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