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KETO, my MOM and my BOOBs.

9 weeks ago I started on a weight loss journey via KETO. For 8 years what I referred to as my "happy fat"... lots of amazing meals and memories (and kids) got me here but .... it was time for it to come off. The funny thing is I liked my curves! At a size 14 and 34G breasts I dressed my body well. I love fashion and believe fashion is for all shapes and sizes. Everyone of us deserves to feel beautiful. I am someone who has never correlated self love with my weight, and I attribute this to the teachings of my mother. She did some amazing work in the 15 years I had with her, she taught me confidence, and to love my heart, body and my mind.

Now here I am 21 pounds lighter from eating KETO and shocked to be struggling with the way my body is changing! I didn't think about my weight much before, but now I think about it every day. Hmmm. There is some extra skin in places I'm not super pumped about, and some more visial wrinkles, and more jiggle. And boobs. My 34G(DDDD) is down to a 34E(DD). Two cups sizes! If you think I loved my curves, I loved my breasts even more! Lots of my clients complain about their FOB shape breast. Full on the bottom or teardrop shape is the industry term, but they have terrible names for them! I have heard it all; flatjacks, pancakes, saggy, deflated ballons, sad bags! I remind my clients every day that they are beautiful in the body and breasts that they have. Guess it's time for me to remind myself too. I'll get there, I can't say I am great with change. But just as I have been your body cheerleaders I will learn to be my own cheerleader again too. Who knows I may even consider using our Peloton! WHAT?!

Love you all!

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May 30, 2019

This is so inspiring! Love your journey, and your honesty! Keep it coming!!!

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