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Intimate Apparel Gifts for Her! (Send this post to him 🧑)

It's time to shop for her! Buying intimate apparel for her holiday gift may seam overwhelming. The complication of not knowing or feeling confident about her bra's enough to make you feel like you failed before you started shopping.

I say, it doesn't have to be scary, let's start simple. Lingerie doesn’t mean it has to be a bra, but let's not freak her out with garters and thigh highs either! The world of intimate apparel is vast so you can dip your toe into so many amazing categories! I'm here to help. Think of me as your lingerie style guru. I am here to help you impress her with your amazing choices and impeccable taste. (Well my impeccable taste🤣😉 ) Here are my favorites this holiday season that are sure to make her smile. Happy Holidays!!


"Stockings, socks, and tights collectively" is a great option, not to mention it's much easier to determine the right size to buy.


👩‍🦰 Leggings

Why are leggings the best? They are extremely versatile and stylish, making them a good option of clothing every day with sneaks or can be dressed up with heels or booties. WE LOVE LEGGINGS.

Spanx Faux Leather Moto Legging


👩 Pajamas

Cute can be sexy too!


👸 Bralettes

These work well as a gift because they are often sized as S M L instead of bra-sized. Bralettes are perfect for when she is lounging around.



AKA nightdress, typically of silk or satin with a lace trim. Pretty, feminine and a great choice if you are feeling inclined to purchase lingerie.



Us ladies are forever in pursuit of the perfect panty.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!



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Mar 25, 2021

I do my Women's Clothing shopping from L'AGENCE online store through L'AGENCE coupons at good discount offers. Is your store available on any coupon platform?

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