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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

That uncomfortable sensation that comes from when your thighs rub together. Chaffing is REAL when summer comes, and it happens to women of all shapes and sizes! No matter what your dress size, NO thighs are safe from the misery. Today I am sharing my favorite pieces to wear under dresses in the summer to help prevent! While these may "look" like shapewear, these pieces are not constrictive and do not offer compression. They are light and used simply to smooth, and prevent chaffing. Hope these make your summer a bit more comfy! #fitbyburke #tipbyburke

My first true love is JOCKEY!

The make an amazing SKIMMIE product in different colors and lengths! They also have a robust size run!

Jockey Skimmies and Slipshorts

Second, Knix. Back in 2013, Joanna Griffiths invented a line of underwear designed to help women deal with “little leaks.” Knix recently introduced a thigh saver short as well! They are super light weight

Knix Thigh Saver Short

Yummie is a great brand, you might even love Heather Thomson #rhony

This has a tad more HUG than the previous two, but still very light and comfy.

Yummie Ultralight Seamless Shaping Short

Happy Shopping!

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