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I believe the right bra can change the way your clothes fit, your posture and even your attitude. We all deserve the increased confidence, happiness and comfort that a good bra offers. Lingerie is normally the last thing we think about but the first piece we put on, it's the first layer of confidence. I believe we can be comfortable AND feel pretty!


As an Intimate Apparel Stylist I follow a specific method with my clients. Let me style your intimate apparel wardrobe, and help you find a fit and style of your very own. Each client will embark on a journey that consists of the following three elements: Education, Fitting and finally - Shopping. See each element below to better understand what to expect from your session.

The Fit by Burke Method


Learn how a bra should fit, and the fundamentals of bra fitting. Bra-ledge is at the heart of this method, learn this once and you will know how to apply it in the future as your body changes.


The fitting is the core of our session together.  We will assess your current fit and any changes we need to make moving forward.


Now its time to shop!

After each fitting I will shop for you! I will pick and beautifully present styles just for you to purchase at a second meeting. 

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